Working Together for Seniors Care Forum

In 2014, the ACFP’s Advisory Committee on Seniors Care identified a need to provide a forum for discussion, advocacy, and leadership for seniors care in Alberta.

The Working Together for Seniors Care in Alberta—A Collaborative Forum took place on April 26, 2014 and brought together representatives from various Government offices, AHS, AH, AMA, family physicians, and caregivers.

The Forum was engaging and informative, and has been foundational in enabling a framework for positive change for the care of the elderly and was integral in forming the Alberta Seniors Care Coalition. Participants of the forum were committed to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to ensure seniors care is at the forefront of Alberta’s health care strategy.

The significant outcomes of the forum were the creation of the Alberta Seniors Care Coalition and the strategic vision below:

Strategies to Implement the Vision

The strategic priorities identified at the forum were divided into three groups:

  1. Toward Enabling Our Common Vision
  2. Toward Integration, Collaboration, and Knowledge Translation
  3. Toward Person Centered Aging

Toward Enabling Our Common Vision

  • Strategic Priority 1:
    Establish an appropriate funding model to enable multiple models of care.
  • Strategic Priority 2:
    Implement information management and the information technology to ensure continuity, avoid duplication, increase awareness and improve seniors’ health outcomes.
  • Strategic Priority 3:
    Support and provide education on care of the elderly to all stakeholders to enable a collaborative approach and shared understanding.

Toward Integration, Collaboration and Knowledge Translation

  • Strategic Priority 4:
    Catalogue all services, programs and resources available, close the gaps and provide easy service access and guidance for elders, their families and providers.
  • Strategic Priority 5:
    Continue to collaborate with all stakeholder organizations to create and sustain momentum toward a better future for aging in Alberta.
  • Strategic Priority 6:
    Advocate for the advancement of a common and compelling vision through collaborative, consistent and persistent messaging.

Toward Person-Centered Aging

  • Strategic Priority 7:
    Involve and engage seniors in the creation of their own futures and the design of new environments and infrastructure.
  • Strategic Priority 8:
    Enable appropriate and accessible care for all seniors in their community and at home when appropriate.
  • Strategic Priority 9:
    Challenge society to take the responsibility to build and inspire age friendly communities.