The Alberta Seniors Care Coalition (ASCC) is a strategic coalition of organizations in Alberta that have a commitment to improving seniors care and will work together discussing multiple perspectives, finding common vision and inspiring its members to influence seniors care strategy in Alberta.


Alberta Seniors Care Coalition (ASCC) is a coalition of organizations representing clinicians and other key stakeholders who are committed to improving seniors care in Alberta and will work together:

  1. To continue to build awareness and support the mandates, goals, strategies and activities of member organizations related to the vision, goals and strategic priorities of the coalition and to avoid duplication.
  2. To facilitate forums and communication methods where coalition members can effectively connect to plan, strategize and achieve its purpose.
  3. To collectively discuss issues, needs, trends and the impact of current programs, projects and initiatives within seniors care in Alberta.
  4. To identify areas where coalition members can assist and partner to create or contribute to policy, pathways, community education and other organization initiatives that will further the vision, goals and strategic priorities of the coalition.